Patient Safety/Quality Systems

Patient safety is a critical element of quality healthcare, and individuals should be able to count on receiving healthcare that is safe and error free. Sound healthcare management strives toward a medical error-free environment that is built on operational systems, assigned accountability and ongoing measurement to reduce the likelihood of errors.

Neumeister ensures that safety and quality, as key initiatives, are well understood throughout an organization as a primary goal to achieve. Examples of Neumeister’s efforts to support this goal in working with clients include:

  • Inheriting 63 Requirements for Improvement (RFIs) from a Joint Commission assessment, created structure and accountability systems that achieved and maintained regulatory compliance with accrediting bodies, and resulted in JCAHO accreditation within six months.
  • Led an institution to receive three consecutive patient safety awards, of which only one in five hospitals in California and one out of 41 hospitals nationally achieve.
  • Revamped the quality reporting system of an organization to build in accountability and ensured reports and data were provided to the leadership authorized to make the necessary changes to improve patient safety and quality.
  • Instituted hospitalist programs to improve quality of care, provide consistency within the care models and improve nursing and patient/family satisfaction.
  • Assisted with the development of a federally certified patient safety organization for California hospitals.

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