Organizational Change/Industry Mergers and Acquisition

The changing nature of organizations relies on effective change management skills. Change can be precipitated by the marketplace, a merger or acquisition or shifts in organizational vision and leadership. Regardless, organizations that successfully maneuver transformational processes are led by executives who understand the impact of change and the effect that change has throughout the organization.

Neumeister appreciates the dynamic nature of organizations and knows positive change can be achieved by:

  • Creating a culture of engagement.
  • Developing a shared and common vision.
  • Conducting analyses to understand the current environment and where the organization needs to go.
  • Creating action through ownership of new strategies.
  • Continuing the momentum.
  • Evaluating the action.

To develop a common vision that is supported by goal-oriented strategies, Neumeister relies on strong organizational analysis skills, project management and stakeholder coordination, strategic communication skills and more.

For example, in previous engagements, Neumeister was instrumental in shifting the culture of the organizations to create alignment with the strategic initiatives. In one healthcare organization, Neumeister led the effort to shift the organization to a “culture of accountability” through development of senior and departmental leadership teams that supported the culture.

In another example, Neumeister led a transformation from a culture based on a federal model to one based on a business model that relied on financial performance and results, thereby increasing patient satisfaction and quality improvement.

Organizational change often calls upon leadership to demonstrate excellent negotiation skills. Neumeister’s refined negotiation skills have assisted organizations in identifying and buying into agreed-upon strategies. For example, in several settings, Neumeister has worked collaboratively with unions, serving at the bargaining table to develop the best overall employee strategy.

Neumeister understands the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions. Relying on solid executive and financial skills, Neumeister consolidated the operations of three hospitals under one hospital license with three campuses, thereby reducing redundancies, achieving significant cost savings and creating campuses focused on acute care, sub-acute care and rehabilitative medicine.

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