Financial Management/Cost Containment and Profit Optimization

Outstanding financial management relies on expert planning, directing, monitoring and controlling of an organization’s resources. This, coupled with strong experience in hospital operations, reflects Neumeister’s ability to effectively analyze an organization’s current financial environment and determine the appropriate actions to achieve desired results. Relying on these skills, Neumeister:

  • Led a successful financial turnaround of an organization through the implementation of a productivity system resulting in a reduction of 150 full-time-equivalents (FTE) without layoffs.
  • Grew cash on hand for an organization from 11 days to 130 days.
  • Created an operations plan to reduce an organization’s operating budget by ten percent or 40 million dollars to provide a two percent operating margin.
  • Eliminated two years of a healthcare organization’s operating losses, positioned the hospital for financial stability and facilitated the organization’s ability to purchase an electronic health record (EHR) system.

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