Promoting excellence in healthcare governance, Great Boards provides board education on developing “great governance,” new director orientation, board self assessment and improvement, individual director evaluation, strategic planning facilitation and plan development for hospital-physician alignment, comprehensive governance assessment and board redesign and consultation on governance problems. The firm’s principal consultant, Barry S. Bader, is a nationally known consultant, speaker and retreat facilitator and is one of a select group of The Governance Institute’s “Governance Advisors.” For additional information on Great Boards, please click

Backed by professionals from The Greeley Company, The Center for Healthcare Accreditation is a unique membership program dedicated to simple, sustainable solutions to common Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance challenges. The Center provides member institutions with practical strategies for achieving compliance through improved efficiency, safety and quality and develops a targeted, facility-specific strategy for integrating accreditation expectations into efficient, common-sense hospital operations. For more information, click

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TK Associates is an organizational consulting firm whose approach is founded on the belief that successful organizations have a focused and aligned strategy and skilled leadership to implement that strategy. The firm’s services include strategic planning, executive coaching, team development, facilitation, culture assessment and leadership development. To learn more, click

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Jannx Medical Systems Consultants, Inc. is a medical technology consulting and management firm specializing in planning, procurement and maintenance of diagnostic imaging, cardiology, radiation oncology and clinical technologies for health systems, hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. Jannx has built a solid history of partnerships within the healthcare community through its unique help center, independent procurement assistance and progressive management programs. Learn more at

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Patrick E. Carroll and Associates, Inc. (PECA) assists healthcare providers in improving clinical performance, operational efficiency and financial viability. They offer PACER™, pharmacy services, materials management, food and nutrition services, plant and facility services, financial and organizational services, compliance assistance and perioperative management. Each project is tailored to meet the expressed needs of their clients, both in process and outcome. To read more, click

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Surgical Directions is a national consulting firm that assists community hospitals and academic medical centers with operational, financial and strategic performance improvements in perioperative and anesthesia services. They offer perioperative assessments and implementations, block scheduling, preoperative patient throughput, surgical services leadership mentoring and training, anesthesia practice assessments and anesthesia revenue cycle management. Additional information can be found at

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Crossroads Cancer Consulting offers a cost-effective, streamlined process for strategic planning to assist healthcare organizations in developing the right combination of leadership, vision and resources to position the organization as the provider of choice in the market. To learn more, click

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ACS Quantum Strategies, LLC (ACS), established in 2001, specializes in strategic planning, public affairs, marketing/communications and media relations. ACS assists clients in developing organizational, marketing and communication strategies that capitalize on the organization’s strengths, while maximizing the opportunities facing them. Learn more at

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Founded in 1998, Quorum Technologies is a consulting, engineering and integration firm offering a full range of Internet technology (IT) services to help solve today’s complex business issues, including developing, deploying and maintaining low-cost, turnkey IT solutions based on proven best practices and tailored to meet or exceed client requirements. Quorum Technologies acts as the client’s virtual IT department from executive IT assessment to design, procurement, implementation, management and ongoing support. To learn more, click In addition, to learn more about Quorum Technologies’ sister company, visit

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Hospitalist Management Resources (HMR) was established in 1999 to address the growing needs of hospitals and medical groups to form their own hospitalists’ practices without the intrusion of outside organizations. HMR also provides consulting assistance to hospitals and medical staff to develop Emergency Department Call Panel solutions. Click here to learn more

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